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Each and every project is unique with a different set of client requirements, scale and complexities and therefore each has to be assessed and evaluated before an appropriate fee structure can be presented.  Typically there are 3 types of fee that could be adopted:

  1. Fixed Sum Fee- This is more often the preferred option for both client and myself because it gives certainty and everyone knows where they are with cost.  However, to be able to provide a fixed cost it is important to understand clearly, at the outset of a project, the detailed scope of work and services  required.  Or,

  2. Hourly/Daily Rate - Used when it is difficult to get to a fixed fee position because the scope of works cannot be defined early on as the project is too 'fluid' or perhaps where a client wants to use my services on an as and when required basis.  Rates can vary depending on the type and scale of project but as a guide allow £40/£50 per hour.  Or,

  3. A combination of both hourly/daily rate and a fixed sum - An example of when this might be used would be where at the start of a project the  project parameters are not clear and therefore an hourly/daily rate is used and later in the project when programme and designs are fixed, then a fixed fee for the remaining works can be agreed.

I do not charge for the first introductory meeting.  Fees only become applicable after an agreement to proceed is reached with the client.

 I look forward to discussing your project!

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