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Welcome to My First Blog!

Hi! A little about me.

40 years ago I graduated from Kingston Polytechnic with a BA Hons degree in Interior Design and my first job was for an office design company based in Covent Garden, London. What a great time this was, young, working in the heart of the West End and learning my trade. Fast forward 40 years, surviving a number of recessions, married, grown up kids and I am still helping to create great interior spaces mostly, offices, but some residential too.

For me it wasn't just about the design on paper, it was about how it was translated on site and into reality. So I made sure I visited my sites frequently and encaged with the trades, which was, and still is, the best learning ground for designers. This appetite for understanding how things are constructed and the processes involved of bringing an interior to life, has over this last 4 decades given me the knowledge and experience not only in Interior Design, but also in Project Management, Programming and Estimating, all of which when carried out properly and professionally, are key to the success of any interior build.

So here I am. Full of knowledge in my industry and still enjoying working with others to help them achieve their goals. Please do contact me, I may be able to help!

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